ESU Show

This year at the ESU Technology Forum in Luxenbourg was A&M the centre of attention, as we had many new products and solutions to present to the visitors.
There were also some sneak peak products that were shown to the general public for the first time.

We proved once more that we´re the one stop shop when it comes to supplies for the die making and die cutting industry.

With a smashing number of 6 new products, did we surprise the visitors at the show.

We, the A&M team were very proud to present the following new products:

* The new Speedy nick and Speedy nick JR system
* The all new and improved Trimsaver System 2
* Flex Power rubber
* Brand new KingPin
* The fast and reliable SpeedPin
* The most practical and efficient Sprintrubber Pro

The new products found a broad public from all fields and were praised countless times. For all visitors was something to find and see.

The products were presented via means of video, flyers, demo material, samples and most important, highly trained personnel.

Our team had some support of friends and partners that are highly trained and one of the bests in the market when it comes to the die making and die cutting industry. They supported the A&M team and took the time to explain to the valued visitors the newest innovations on the market.

So in this way would we like to thank Howard Mead and Mark Wheeler from C&T Matrix.
We would also like to thank Guy Gagné from Proden Inc for all the support.

The biggest thanks goes to all visitors, customers and friends that took the time to visit us at the show.


You’re A&M Team